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      If you have technical issues, when inquiring for help, please give the following information (as well as making a distinct title in subject line of post).  It will aide me in resolving your issue in a more timely manner.

      • Exact issue:  i.e., receive error code 3302 message when navigating to forum Webmaster (better than saying “getting error message”)
      • Your device:  for example, laptop, desktop, iPhone 5s, iPad 3
      • Your OS (operating system):  i.e., Windows 8, Mac
      • Browser:  what browser you were using when issue occurred, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.  Also, did you try in another browser?  If so, was the problem replicated there as well?
      • Screenshots:  If you know how to take a screen shot of your monitor showing the problem that will be helpful!
      • Details:  the more the better!  What were you doing when the error occured?  Error message (if any), did you have your left eye closed instead of your right one? ha!!
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