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Is it more common to say that fibromyalgia is misdiagnosed or prematurely diagnosed? I am curious as to how many medical practitioners reliably arrive at such a broad diagnosis. Depending upon the localized severity of the pain, massage therapy seems ripe for assisting not only with the physiological issue but also the psychological component as well.

Not to lessen the impact of any individual’s diagnosis, reading through some of these online articles basically seems like a description for the results of daily activity. It would seem other than being on a restrictive diet, as Emily mentioned, or restricted activity with gradual reintegration, there’s no clear way to examine. However, it does seem clear that a body with fibromyalgia is being compromised somehow, whether it’s a state of unrest or otherwise.

Is fibromyalgia associated with neuropathy?

Also, I can attest that 729.1 is a “yellow flag” code for most insurances. I wonder how this will be handled once ICD-10 has been implemented…